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Moving or Remodeling Your Business? We Can Help!

Shawn Hacker - Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Whether it's an exciting new building or an office décor makeover, changing your business can reap rich rewards. Improvement sends the message that your company is thriving, which boosts the confidence of both customers and employees. And like advertising, it draws attention from the community. It may be just what your business needs to get people talking. 

But the idea of corporate relocation or remodeling may seem daunting, even overwhelming. That's where we come in. Mini Storage on Wheels has the experience, manpower and tools to help Napa businesses meet the challenges they face. How?

First of all, asking for help and delegating tasks is key to saving yourself from unnecessary stress and potential problems down the road. When Aldea Children and Family Services in Napa, California, which provides mental health and child welfare services, needed to move to their new location, we were there every step of the way. A job that size takes coordination and cooperation. No one should tackle a job that size that alone!

Second, by letting Mini-Storage on Wheels help you move, organize and store the contents of your office or retail space, you can limit the interruption of operations during a move. Simply put, the shorter your down time, the less loss you will sustain. Save time by keeping needed materials in our on-site storage units rather than moving them to a more distant location. Then you can get back to business faster.

Also, storage during a remodel can be key to cutting costs. Rather than discarding electrical panels, plumbing fixtures, low-voltage wiring, and gas lines, save money by storing them for reuse later either in our mobile units or at our storage facility. Invest the money you save on details that are proven to boost sales and employee morale, such as lighting ( and paint (

Whether your goal is to improve long-term profits or build a better mousetrap, remodeling or relocating your business takes time, effort and expense. Mini-Storage on Wheels can boost your bottom line by helping you cut down on all three.

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