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Moving or Remodeling Your Business? We Can Help!

Shawn Hacker - Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Whether it's an exciting new building or an office décor makeover, changing your business can reap rich rewards. Improvement sends the message that your company is thriving, which boosts the confidence of both customers and employees. And like advertising, it draws attention from the community. It may be just what your business needs to get people talking.  Read More...

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Shawn Hacker - Wednesday, November 23, 2016

In a time of disaster, there's no greater comfort than a helping hand. Mini Storage on Wheels had the privilege of being that hand when we helped Napa Self Storage and their tenants to sort through the aftermath of the 6.0 earthquake that shook Napa and the surrounding area in August of 2014. Read More...

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